Is your pet going to be staying in a kennel soon? Although Fido really just wants to hang out with his human pals 24/7, he just can’t go everywhere with you. And as for Fluffy, while cats can stay by themselves for a day or two, they really shouldn’t be left alone for very long. In this article, a York County, PA vet offers tips on boarding your pet.

Do Some Research

Picking the right place is very important! You wouldn’t want to trust just anyone with the care of your furry bff. Do some research into boarding facilities, and ask your vet for references. Keep in mind that any decent kennel will also ask for vaccination records. (Note: this doesn’t really apply if you board with your vet, as they would have that information already.)

Pack Carefully

Kennels all have different policies for packing. Some allow you to bring toys and bedding, while others prefer to use their own supplies. Find out what you can and can’t bring. When packing things like food and medicine, include a few days’ extra, just in case.

Confirm Schedules

Ask about drop-off and pickup times. You don’t want to realize at the last minute that the kennel will be closed when you leave for the airport!

Offer Clear Directions

Provide specific instructions both verbally and in writing. While the kennel staff may love to hear about Fido’s obsession with the neighbor’s cat, it’s more important for them to know that he’s allergic to wheat.

Double-check Contact Information

Confirm that the kennel has your contact information correct. If you’ll be unavailable for all or part of the time, provide a backup contract. Also, ask about the kennel’s policies for contacting you. Some will call with minor questions, while others only reach out in emergencies.

Do A Trial Run

Before leaving town, book your pet for an overnight stay first, as a trial run. That way, your furry friend will already be familiar with their home away from home when they go in for a longer period.

Avoid Long Goodbyes

It’s never easy to leave your furry buddy, even if it’s just for a few days. However, long goodbyes only make things harder for both of you. Keep drop-offs short and sweet.

Please contact us, your York County, PA vet clinic, for all your boarding needs. We’re here to help!