Fall is absolutely beautiful here in Pennsylvania. The changing leaves, chilly days, and seasonal decorations make for some absolutely perfect days. Fluffy may not be particularly impressed by the fact that stores are filling with pumpkin-flavored everything, but she will notice the cooler weather. If your feline buddy is a senior, you’ll want to take a few precautions to keep her happy, healthy, and safe. A York, PA vet offers some seasonal care tips for older cats below.


Our feline friends are collectively very, very tired. Fluffy will probably nap through a good chunk of autumn and winter. Make sure she has lots of safe, comfortable napping spots.

Outdoor Hazards

Older cats aren’t fast enough to escape hazards like stray dogs or passing cars. They can also develop issues with their sight, hearing, and/or memory, which in turn increases the risks of them getting lost. Fluffy will also become more susceptible to temperature extremes as she ages. Keep your furball safe and sound indoors.

Veterinary Care

You may not see many fleas and ticks outside at this time of year, but don’t let your guard down. These unwanted visitors would love to winter over in your kitty’s fur or bedding. Mice and other critters may also try to get indoors. Keep up with Fluffy’s vaccines and parasite control! Your cat may also benefit from certain supplements. Ask your vet for recommendations.


As Fluffy ages, she may get stiff and sore, and could have trouble grooming herself. Brushing her gently will remove dead fur, dust, and tangles, and maximize the insulating qualities of her fur. This will help keep her warm and comfy.


Keep Fluffy in mind as you decorate for the season. Keep things like candles and potpourri burners in high, secure spots. Small/sharp objects and anything with threads or cords should also be kept out of paw’s reach.


Take some small steps to keep Fluffy comfy and content. Leave a nightlight on for her after dark, and make sure her litterbox isn’t in a spot that is drafty or hard to reach. Daily play sessions will also benefit her. Don’t be surprised if your furball decides to hop into your lap for snuggles. Purring cats make great cuddle buddies on chilly autumn nights!

Do you have questions about senior cat care? Contact us, your York, PA animal clinic!