September is Happy Cat Month! This is a pretty important topic for us. In fact, many of our feline patients would probably insist that it’s the most important topic ever! Kitties are known for being easy keepers, but they do need proper care. A York, PA vet lists nine things that will keep Fluffy happy, healthy, and purring below.


You’ve probably noticed that our feline pals are very, very good at napping. Fluffy will manage to get in those 32 daily naps on your sofa or armchair, but she’ll really appreciate having some soft beds of her own.

Proper Diet

Fluffy should be eating a high-quality, nourishing food, one that is appropriate for her age, weight, and health. Her dietary needs will change over time, so touch bases with your vet on this regularly.


Cats may seem aloof at times, but these curious little furballs really can be quite cuddly. Of course, some kitties are just more affectionate than others. If Fluffy isn’t much for snuggling, just let her be. It’s also important to let your feline overlord decide when it’s time to be petted.

Indoor Life

Did you know that indoor kitties tend to live longer? They also tend to be healthier in general. Keep your furry friend safe and sound inside!

A Good View

Our feline buddies love birdwatching! Offer Fluffy a window perch, or put a cat tower before a window with a good view.


Play provides exercise and mental stimulation for Fluffy. It also helps keep her from getting bored! Give your furball lots of toys, and remember to play with her regularly.


Fluffy may not know—or care—what you are saying when you talk to her, but she’ll appreciate the attempt at communication. Talking to your furry buddy in a friendly tone of voice is basically sending her signals of love and affection.

Veterinary Care

Be sure to bring Fluffy to the vet regularly. Exams and wellness care can both help keep your pet in top shape.


Fluffy can get pretty lonely if she is left by herself for too long. If your kitty spends a lot of time home alone, you may want to get her a buddy.

Is your pet due for an exam? Contact us, your York, PA animal clinic! We’re dedicated to helping you keep your cat happy and healthy!