Summer is in the rear-view mirror, and fall has (almost) officially fallen! As seasonal motifs and decorations pop up and the temperatures drop, many people are making minor changes to their routines and wardrobes. You’ll also want to make some seasonal adjustments to your furry friend’s care regimen. A York, PA vet offers some tips on fall care for Fido below.

Stock Up On Winter Supplies

Over the next few weeks, people will be storing away their summer stuff and pulling out their cold weather gear. If your pooch has thin fur, he may need doggy jackets to keep him warm when it’s frigid out. Make sure that Fido’s clothes are all clean, in good condition, and still fit well. You’ll also want to pick up some pet-safe de-icer and paw balm.

Be Careful Of Toxins

Chemicals are one of the biggest concerns at this time of year. Many people treat their lawns and gardens and/or set out rodenticides in fall. These products can be deadly to pets! If you use them on your lawn, water it down after, so they soak into the dirt. Antifreeze is another issue. Opt for pet-safe products yourself, and clean any spills immediately.

Beauty Session

Many of our canine patients don’t get bathed much in winter. After all, you don’t want your four-legged buddy to be damp and chilly when it’s cold out.) Give your pooch a few baths before the temperatures drop. You’ll also want to start moisturizing his paw pads.

Bedding Check

Autumn’s rainy afternoons make for absolutely perfect napping weather. Make sure that Fido has a clean comfy bed to snuggle up on. Older dogs may appreciate thermal beds, as they get quite stiff and sore.


As the sun starts going down earlier, you’ll be walking your pup after dark quite a bit more. Get shoes with good tread. As for Fido, he’ll need a leash that is visible at night. You can even get ones with flashlights built in.

Enjoy The Weather

Fall can make absolutely perfect dog-walking weather. Take your canine pal for a stroll! Afterwards, you can bring your furry best friend through a drive-through for a puppucino, or maybe stop by a pet store and let him pick out a new toy.

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