It’s pretty much common knowledge these days that staying active is one of the most important things you can do for your health. That’s true for pets as well as people. However, it seems like our feline pals didn’t get those memos, as most of them are more interested in catching Z’s than catching mice. How do you keep Fluffy active when she just wants to sleep all day? A local York, PA vet offers some tips on this below.




Playing is by far Fluffy’s favorite workout. If your kitty stays home alone a lot, provide plenty of toys she can use by herself. However, it’s also important to have some fun cat toys you can use to play with her. Interactive play is more fun and more challenging than just batting a catnip mouse around! If you want to go all-out, get some smart toys, such as a remote-controlled mouse or perhaps an automated laser pointer. 


Cat Furniture 


Kitties don’t usually mind using our furniture, but they also appreciate having some things of their own. Cat towers are great, as they encourage Fluffy to run, jump, and climb. You can even get your furry friend a kitty exercise wheel. This is basically a bigger version of the ones you may see in hamster or gerbil cages. 



Is your little furball bold and adventurous? Fluffy may enjoy going for walks on her leash. Of course, you’ll need to take time training her. Start by just letting her wear a harness indoors, and then add the leash. Ask your vet for tips.




Have you ever tossed something down the hall, just to see if Fluffy will chase after it? Chances are, she probably will. This is a cute way to get your feline buddy moving. Some furballs will even bring things back to you. Siamese and Bengal kitties, for instance, often like playing Fetch.




This isn’t going to be the right call for everyone, of course: adopting another cat is a lifetime commitment. You’ll need to think about your household, budget, and schedule, as well as your current pets. That said, if your feline friend is an only pet, and is young enough to still be quite frisky, she may enjoy having a pal to play with. 


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