Does your pooch like to leave tranches in your yard? This is a pretty common behavior among our canine pals. While any dog can dig, it is particularly common in some breeds. Many terriers, for instance, such as the Jack Russell, Cairn, and Smooth Fox terriers, are notorious for this. Dachshunds, Beagles, and Alaskan Malamutes also often have this tendency. A York, PA vet discusses digging in dogs below. 




Telling Fido to stop digging probably won’t do much good. You’ll have better luck if you address the issue at the root. You’ll need to figure out why your furry pal is digging in the first place. Dogs can dig for a variety of reasons. Boredom is often a factor. Some pups dig because they want to escape, even if it’s just for something to do.  Your canine buddy may also dig to release pent-up energy or because he feels stressed or anxious. If your pooch tends to make himself little dens to lay in, he may be seeking to ease discomfort, perhaps from weather or fleas. Dogs also dig to store or retrieve goodies, such as toys or treats. Others are trying to hunt burrowing critters. 


Curbing The Habit 


Fido won’t tell you why he’s digging, so you’ll have to look at the way he goes about it to figure it out and find a solution. If he’s working at the fence line, he’s probably trying to get out. If he’s digging in random spots, he may be burying things. If Fido digs in straight lines, he may be going after something that’s burrowing under your lawn. A call to a humane pest-control company may be your best bet. Your canine companion may also be trying to get out, whether to go on adventures or just go looking for love. If your pet isn’t fixed, get that appointment on the books as soon as possible. If you think boredom, anxiety, or pent-up energy may be the issue, then more toys, walks, and playtime may be in order. 




If none of the above solutions work, consider getting Fido a sandbox. Bury some fun toys in it for him, and let him just go to town. If your furry bff realizes where the goodies are, he may lose interest in his mining project!


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