Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your feline buddy is to keep her indoors? Cats are pretty brave and adventurous, and they love exploring. (Fluffy is actually downright reckless at times, but that’s besides the point.) Even though your kitty may love leaving pawprints on your car and stalking the neighborhood birds, she’s much safer inside. A York, PA vet offers some advice on this below.  


It’s true that kitties are quite independent, and that many of them will naturally stick close to home. However, that doesn’t mean Fluffy is safe outside. In fact, as soon as your little buddy sets her cute little paws outside, she is in danger from weather, predators, parasites, traffic, and loose dogs or cats. Your feline pal is also much more likely to get lost, hurt, or stolen if she goes outdoors. Play it safe, and ground your furry friend!

Convincing The Kitty

You’ll have a much, much, much easier time getting Fluffy to stay in if she’s been trained that she’s an indoor kitty since she was young. If you have a kitten, just raise her as an inside cat from day one. If your pet seems curious about getting out, or is actively trying to dash out the door, you may want to try a little reverse psychology. As soon as your kitty approaches the door, squirt her with water or make a loud noise. This won’t hurt your furball, but it may make her wary of approaching the exit … which is exactly what you want. Over time, your adventurous buddy may lose interest in exploring.

Making Home Fun

Part of the reason that cats enjoy going outside is that it’s stimulating for them. Fluffy gets to chase after butterflies, spy on local wildlife, and just enjoy fresh air and sunshine. You can actually compromise with your feline overlord. Make your home exciting and fun by offering cat furniture and setting out pet-safe plants for her to nibble on. A catio or cat enclosure is also a purrfect option.


If Fluffy is adamant about trying to get out, you may want to consider walking her on a leash. Some kitties really enjoy this! Ask your vet for specific advice on this.


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