We’re headed into the hottest part of the year. Many of our patients enjoy being able to run and play outside in summer. We love the warm weather, too! However, it is important to recognize the dangers those sweltering temperatures pose to our furry pals. A York County, PA vet lists some fun things you can do to help Fluffy and Fido beat the heat in this article.


Many pets prefer to drink running water. This makes sense, as standing water is much more likely to be contaminated. Consider getting Fido or Fluffy a little fountain!

Ice Cream

Did you know that you can get ice cream just for your furry friend? Several companies now make products just for Man’s Best Friend and Man’s Second Best Friend. You can also make your own cold snacks, such as pupsicles or pet ‘slushies’. Just stick with safe ingredients. Ask your vet for specific advice. 

Raised Beds

Elevated beds offer a distinct advantage here: the air moving beneath them helps keep them cooler. You can buy Fido or Fluffy an elevated bed, or go the DIY route and make one. Another option is to keep a few clean towels in the freezer, and put those in your four-legged pal’s bed.

Ice Cube Pawkey

This one’s mostly for kitties, though Fido can certainly join in if he wants to. Pets’ paw pads help them regulate their temperature. Therefore, batting an ice cube around the kitchen floor can actually help Fluffy stay cool. (It’s also really cute to watch.)


Splashing around is a great way to cool off on a sweltering day. Fido may enjoy playing in the spray from a sprinkler, or just playing in a kiddie pool. You can even get water pads that spray water up when dogs step on them. (Also adorable to watch.) 

Doggy ‘Do

Haircuts aren’t right for every pup, but they can definitely help. If you aren’t sure whether this is a good option for Fido, check with your vet or groomer.

Cooling Vests

Cooling vests are another good option. Some of these work like gel packs, and should be stored in the freezer. Others you just soak with water. Read product reviews and check measurements before buying one.

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