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Fall With Fido

2 dogs sitting by lake

Summer is in the rear-view mirror, and fall has (almost) officially fallen! As seasonal motifs and decorations pop up and the temperatures drop, many people are making minor changes to … Read More »

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9 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy

White cat lying upside-down

September is Happy Cat Month! This is a pretty important topic for us. In fact, many of our feline patients would probably insist that it’s the most important topic ever! … Read More »

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Cat Care Tips for the Summer Heat

Cat getting an exam

The summer is heating up, and so are our pets. But how do cats keep cool in hot weather? Read on as a vet offers a few good tips for … Read More »

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Do Dogs Really Need Vitamins and Supplements? 

Dog lying on hardwood floor

If you’re a dog owner, then you know that dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth. They have a lot of energy and they want to be active all … Read More »

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Dog lying in yard

So you’ve got a dog. And now you’re wondering how to keep your dog cool in the summer. If you’re anything like us, you want your pet to be as … Read More »

Pet Names

Cat lying on dog

Did you know that Max was the top male dog name of 2021? We love seeing the cute and fun names people come up with for their animal companions. As … Read More »

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7 Ways To Keep Your Pet From Getting Lost

Cat and dog lying down

It’s Lost Pet Prevention Month! This is an important topic, if a sad one. As many as one in three pets are lost or stolen at some point over the … Read More »

June Is National Adopt a Cat Month

Cat Sleeping

It’s June, and it’s National Adopt a Cat Month! The start of summer marks kitten season, a time when many little kitties end up homeless because their owners can’t find … Read More »

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Fun Facts About Chihuahuas

Chihuahua on sidewalk

Chihuahua Appreciation Day is coming up on May 14th. These tiny dogs have some big hearts, and legions of devoted fans. Fido is quite popular, and consistently makes the AKC’s … Read More »

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Things You Didn’t Know About Fido’s Nose

Brown and white dog lying in grass

Has your dog ever woken you up by sniffing your face, or perhaps offering affectionate ‘snoot boops’? Does Fido sometimes get completely fixated on a scent he’s picked up on … Read More »

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