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Puppies And Biting


Have you recently adopted a puppy? Little Fido is absolutely adorable, but he can also be a handful. One thing that most puppy owners find themselves dealing with is biting. … Read More »

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Digging In Dogs

Does your pooch like to leave tranches in your yard? This is a pretty common behavior among our canine pals. While any dog can dig, it is particularly common in … Read More »

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Easter With Senior Pets


Easter is coming up fast: the spring holiday falls on the 9th this year. There are some seasonal hazards for pet owners to be aware of as you celebrate with … Read More »

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Blepping In Cats

Have you ever spotted your cat just sitting there with her tongue sticking out? This is officially called blepping, and is definitely adorable to see. Of course, given how complex … Read More »

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Cognitive Decline in Senior Cats

Cat being hugged by human

Did you know that, just like people, cats can experience a decline in cognitive abilities as they age? Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is not uncommon in senior kitties. A vet … Read More »

Things You Didn’t Know About Fido’s Nose

Brown and white dog lying in grass

Has your dog ever woken you up by sniffing your face, or perhaps offering affectionate ‘snoot boops’? Does Fido sometimes get completely fixated on a scent he’s picked up on … Read More »

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Tan Akita Dog

Dog Bite Prevention Week starts April 10th. This is a very important topic! According to the CDC, there are about 4.5 million dog bites in the US every year. That … Read More »

Unchain A Dog Month

Big Dog and Little Dog

February is Unchain A Dog Month. This is one message we definitely want to help spread! Keeping a dog chained is becoming illegal in more and more places, which is … Read More »

Introducing a Dog to Your Resident Cat

Cat and dog lying down

Are you adopting a dog? Congratulations! Of course, if you have a cat, your kitty probably won’t be as enthusiastic as we are. First impressions are a very big deal … Read More »

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Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Sneezing


Just like you, your dog sneezes sometimes. Most often, it’s simply because small particles of dust, dirt, grass, or other materials make their way into the nasal passages—your dog uses … Read More »

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