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Dr. Don Sloat
Dr. Don Sloat
Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Don Sloat remembers bringing home many injured or orphaned wild animals to nurse them back to health while growing up. Whenever someone asked him what he wanted to be when he got older, he had his answer ready: an animal doctor. For Dr. Sloat, that passion simply never quit—he always knew that he wanted to help pets as a veterinarian! His journey has come full circle: he’s the proud owner and operator of Community Animal Hospital.

Dr. Sloat grew up in rural York County and attended Pennsylvania State University’s York campus for his undergraduate studies. Next, he moved to Ohio and earned his Master’s degree in animal nutrition from Ohio State University. Dr. Sloat remained at the university to earn his veterinary degree from the school’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

In 1996, Dr. Sloat joined the Community Animal Hospital family as an Associate Veterinarian. He’s been helping the area’s pets and animal parents ever since, and is now the proud owner of the hospital! Medically, Dr. Sloat is fond of preventative care and internal medicine, and he loves educating his clients on the best ways to help their pets stay happy and healthy.

Dr. Sloat’s interests outside of veterinary medicine include camping, fishing, and gardening. He especially likes to share his flowers and vegetables with family and friends, and he’s fond of growing unusual veggies like blue potatoes and blue carrots! He has three dogs—Blue, a Heeler mix, Pogo the Pit Bull who earned his name because of his penchant for jumping on people to greet them, and a white Schnauzer who goes by Scooter—as well as four cats: Martha, Mia, Delilah, and Spuggles.
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